Acute Bronchitis - Acute Bronchitis
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  • Bronchitis ??? Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment
    The onset of cough (usually dry at first) signals the beginning of acute bronchitis.
  • Prevention Measures For Acute Bronchitis
    People suffering from acute bronchitis have the following symptoms, constant coughing with mucus, excessive fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, low fever, vibration felt when breathing, and sometimes a cold feeling.
  • Bronchitis Signs - How To Identify Them For Early Diagnosis
    The signs of chronic bronchitis includes persistent and productive cough, obstruction of the air passages with mucus, breathlessness, fever, chest pain, and several attacks of acute bronchitis.
  • Children and Acute Bronchitis
    Because this season is mostly known for colds or for the flue, this is the reason why acute bronchitis is common in the winter.
  • Diseases That Affect The Respiratory System: Bronchitis
    A case of acute bronchitis usually lasts only a few days.
  • All About Acute Bronchitis( Part Two)
    A well known fact for all the doctors is that acute bronchitis does not need treatment is the majority of the cases.
  • Issues in Diagnosing Acute Bronchitis
    However, acute bronchitis doesn't have a recurrent character and thus its generated symptoms don't persist in time.
  • Watch Out for the Sign of Bronchitis
    Signs of bronchitis are impossible to detect, especially that of acute bronchitis as the respiratory system has constricted contractions.
  • Chronic And Acute Bronchitis Symptoms - Easy Tips To Identify The Two
    Be aware of your body and look out for the following symptoms that accompany acute bronchitis.
  • 7 Simple Bronchitis Treatment Tips
    Although the bronchitis virus which causes the more common acute bronchitis infection needs to run its course, the coughing and wheezing symptoms can be eased by following a few simple guidelines such as:
  • Chronic Bronchitis Prevention - Protect Yourself
    Smoking is the number one cause of chronic and acute bronchitis (not to mention lung cancer).
  • The Bronchial Respiratory Disease
    If not treated in time, acute bronchitis gives complications like chronicisation, asthmatic bronchitis; most dangerous are cases in children, newborns or adults suffering from emphysema.
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